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Creative use of 'Used plastic shopping bags'

Creative use of 'Used plastic shopping bags'

June 16,2016
Canadians give new life to used plastic shopping bags As an industry, we have put out a call to all Canadians to re-use and recycle their plastic shopping bags ... to use them wisely for everything they are worth. The Canadian plastics industry wants its plastic shopping bags back so they can be remade into exciting new products.

Decima Research shows that Canadians are embracing re-use and recycling of their plastic shopping bags, with over 90 per cent of people currently re-using their bags and over 80 per cent indicating that they would recycle those bags they do not reuse if given the opportunity at retail.

And the story continues... One 2x6 composite board 16 feet long uses about 2,250 plastic shopping bags in its manufacture.
Canadian businesses are doing their part as well... innovating and finding new uses for used bags and other plastics.
A Newfoundland company, Enviroplastic Lumber, makes picnic tables for Gros Morne National Park, a United Nations recognized World Heritage site.
A Chatham firm has developed a look-alike cedar shingle, called Enviroshake, from a proprietary composition of recycled plastic, recycled rubber and agricultural-fibre materials, such as flax and hemp... the roofing material comes with a 50-year warranty.

Cascades a Quebec-based firm uses recycled plastic shopping bags to manufacture plastic lumber called "Perma Deck", some furniture and some industrial products. Northern Plastic Lumber of Lindsay, Ontario manufactures "Plasboard", a 100% recycled plastic lumber. And Rival Inventory Control of Newmarket, Ontario and Awax Manufacturing of Calgary, Alberta manufacture plastic lumber.
Canadian Recycled Plastic Products, of Stratford, Ontario makes Muskoka-styled chairs, furniture, trash containers, recycling bins.
In the United States, Virginia-based Trex Company purchases about 300 million pounds (136 million kilograms) of used polyethylene a year for manufacturing composite lumber decking and railing products.