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Where To Purchase Cake Boxes

Where To Purchase Cake Boxes

June 8,2016
Dessert is everyone can't refuse food. We already know from the biological textbooks human three nutrients: glucose, lipid and protein. So people is no immunity for sweets. For dessert shop around the corner, if not too difficult to eat, basic don't worry about customers. But women also have a special liking to the cake, so if one cake can attract the customer's stomach, also cake box can attract the eyes of the customer, that can open chain stores in a city.

My customer Alicia once asked me a couple of questions: in order to let my product look more professional, I need to buy some  paper cake box (figure 1) but I don't know where to buy? How much price is more appropriate? The one size is one of the most important?
If I tell her we can buy, our price is more appropriate, No matter what size can be sold, that she will not be my customer, at the same time, this is not an article to tell you how to do sales. there are a lot of sales article on the sales lesson blogs.

For these problems, I just said some of the existing facts, first the Alicia is an American friend. She also thought that in the United States to buy boxes, like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Sur La Table, PaperMart. I also went to the sites she said. After seeing the price I don't recommend her to buy boxes at home. Just when I published this article, Dollars into RMB is 1:6. 47

The price of the above are not inclusive of delivery charges, so everyone can see the United States is not the best choice.

In China, like the cake cardboard box in above table offer more than 2 dollars estimates have fallen by the wayside. Alicia also feel great to consider international procurement.
And then began to answer to her second doubt, about how many more appropriate price, no one think this is a actually quantify answer, I think so. But one thing we can be sure of is coastal cities to inland cities more price advantage. Save the freight is the cost to save for herself. But I also said to her for an example, some people in order to a cent, two cent profit. and get rid of this kind of paper products. This is like the stone picked up his feet. So I have to tell her, the cheap things when it get hands may be the beginning of the trouble.

And about the size of the most important, in fact, this problem should be more customer question. But as a new entrants baking cake of women, this is not reality do form from the start to count the consumers to buy the cake in proportion to the size, so my advice is to let her go to amazon to see home page for each size of cake sales, Amazon's retail sales belongs to the giant in the United States.
At last she made a decision that 6 "and 8"cupcake box 2000, 10 " cupcake box 1000.
“where to purchase cake boxes” questions asked in every day, but I never see a complete answer.
Click enter and select cake boxes.